D P Forand

MY APPROACH (Continued)

DP Forand nonprofit management consulting helps nonprofits assess and manage board governance, strategic planning, external affairs and succession planning


A partnership of active inquiry
I believe that the key to getting the right answers is asking the right questions.  I bring specific skills and expertise to the relationship, but I see my clients as full partners in generating ideas and solutions. Together, we map out a process and identify goals to help the organization best fulfill its mission. 

Looking at consulting from the client’s point of view
Having served on several nonprofit senior management teams, I’ve worked with numerous consultants as a client. The high expectations I have for my own work product are based on firsthand knowledge of how much time, energy and financial resources are invested in the process.  When a project is entrusted to me, I approach it with the same sense of anticipation, optimism and importance I remember feeling as a client.  

An approach that draws from the interrelated aspects of nonprofit management

I bring in-depth experience and skills in the areas of board development, organizational planning, fund development, community outreach and engagement, communications, and outcomes assessment and reporting.  My work with clients is informed by an understanding of how all of these functions relate to and build on one another. 

A commitment to providing direction and solutions that clients can really use
My commitment to clients is that the process and product I provide will be highly thoughtful, tailored, reflective, consensus driven, and capable of being implemented based on the resources at your disposal.